ISSN 0137-0944
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ISSN 0137-0944
eISSN 2949-6144
2024. 1
  • Organic farming: development prospects in Russia, taking into account the international market
    Moscow University Bulletin. Series 17. Soil science. 2024. 1. p.136-146
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Moscow university bulletin. Series 17. Soil science

"Bulletin of the Moscow University. Series 17. Soil Science" is a scientific peer-reviewed journal that has been published in a separate series since 1977. The periodicity of the publication is 4 issues per year.

The journal publishes original articles and reviews on all fundamental and applied aspects of soil science. The editorial policy of the journal is aimed at presenting current research related to the understanding of the ecological functions of soils, as well as biological, chemical, and physical processes and interactions in soils, as widely as possible by subject and geographical scope.

International Standard serial Print Edition number ISSN 0137-0944. It is included in the RSCI database.