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ISSN 0137-0944
eISSN 2949-6144


"LOMONOSOV SOIL SCIENCE JOURNAL" is a scientific peer-reviewed journal that has been published in a separate series since 1977. The periodicity of the publication is 4 issues per year, the average number of articles in the issue is 9-10.

The founders of the journal are Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov; Faculty of Soil Science of Moscow State University. The publisher is the Publishing House (Printing House) of Moscow State University.

Goals, scope and target group of the journal 

The goal of the journal is to publish new and original research articles in various fields of soil science and at the intersection of soil science and related sciences, as well as review articles in breakthrough areas of soil science. 


- the widest possible presentation of current research related to understanding the ecological functions of soils, as well as biological, chemical, physical processes and interactions in soils in terms of topics and geographic coverage;
- reflection of progress in certain sections of fundamental and applied soil sciences through the publication of special issues of the journal;
 - stimulation of interdisciplinary, interregional and international research in the field of soil science;
- understanding of regional soil research in a global context.


The target groups of our publication is, first of all, soil scientists-researchers, teachers and practitioners. The target audience of the journal also includes young scientists, graduate students, students,repr esentatives of expert communities, as well as specialists in related fields of knowledge: biology, geosciences, economics.

The translated version of the journal "Moscow University Soil Science Bulletin" is prepared by the group of publishers Pleiades Publishing and is available on the website of Springer Nature, which is the official distributor of the publishing house's journals in English.Pleiades Publishing also forms the 5th special issue of the magazine in English.


The print journal is distributed via subscription. INDEX 39370 («Pressa Rossii» catalogue). There is no subscription to the electronic version.
All materials are available for downloading online in pdf format from the moment the issue is published.
In addition, the full texts of the issues of the current period can be found on the journal page in the electronic library on the website and

There is no fee for journal authors.