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Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics


1. Submission of an article for consideration to the editorial board implies that it contains new scientific results obtained by the Author (a team of authors) that have not been published anywhere before.

2. Authors should be aware that they are personally responsible for the submitted text of the manuscript.

3. Research data should be presented as accurately as possible in accordance with the requirements for the design of scientific articles in the journal.

4. Recognition of primary sources.

4.1. Authors should make sure that they have submitted the original work and that all references to works or citations to other authors are designed accordingly. Incorrect borrowing is considered both the presentation of someone else's work under the guise of one's own, and the paraphrasing of parts of someone else's work (without attribution), which is absolutely unacceptable and is considered an act of unethical behavior.

4.2. The author correctly cites his previous works and avoids self-quoting in the manuscript and artificially increasing the volume of publications.

4.3. The share of self-citation in one publication should not exceed 20% on average.

5. Plurality, Redundancy and Simultaneity of Publications

5.1. The author should not submit one article to different journals for consideration

5.2. The author should not submit an article previously published in the journal "Lomonosov soil science journal" for consideration to another journal.

5.3. The author should not write himself under different surnames in the same article.

6. The author correctly conducts correspondence with the reviewer through the assistant editor and responds to comments and observations, if they arise.

7. Authorship

The editorial board pays attention to the correct authorship of the articles and does not accept both the excessive inclusion of authors who are not involved in the work and the exclusion fr om the list of scientists who have made a significant contribution to the work.

7.1. The journal "Lomonosov Soil Science Journal" adheres to the following authorship criteria:

1) significant contribution to the development of the concept or planning of scientific work or the acquisition, analysis or interpretation of this work;

2) preparation of the manuscript draft or its critical revision with the introduction of valuable intellectual content;

3) final approval of the printed version of the manuscript;

4) acceptance of responsibility for all aspects of the work; the authors should also ensure that all issues related to the accuracy and integrity of any part of the work can be properly investigated and settled.

In addition to being responsible for those parts of the work that the author performed him/herself, he (she) must have an idea for which specific components of the work the other co-authors are responsible.

8. Contributions of Authors and Non-Authors

Individuals who do not meet all your criteria should be mentioned in the Acknowledgments section.

8.1. The Acknowledgements section may mention people who contributed to the work but do not meet the criteria for authorship, for example: the ones supporting the study, acting as a mentor, assisting in data collection, coordinating the study, etc.

8.2. To correctly determine the contribution, the authors of the journal "Lomonosov Soil Science Journal" can use one of the COPE recommended schemes: General Guidelinesfor Authorship Contributions; CRediT – Contributor Roles Taxonomy

8.3. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the preparation of text should be limited to technical data management and editing of the text, and not to the discussion of the results and making conclusions. The use of the AI and its extent should be clearly stated. AI is not regarded as a co-author of the paper.

9. If the manuscript is submitted for consideration to the journal "Lomonosov Soil Science Journal" is submitted by the editor-in-chief, deputy editor-in-chief, member of the editorial board or editorial board, the manuscript is reviewed only by external experts.

10. All authors must disclose in their manuscript any financial or other conflict of interest that may affect the results or interpretation of their manuscript. All sources of financial support for the implementation of the project must be specified.

11. Working with Confidential Data

The right to privacy of persons or organizations involved in research is of paramount importance and should not be violated without their informed consent.

12. In all cases wh ere the study included experiments on animals, the authors should provide information on compliance with institutional and national standards for the use of laboratory animals.

12.1. Ethical oversight, including on the issues related with experimental animals’ treatment, is provided by the Ethical Commission consisting of the members of the Editorial Board.

13. If the Authors have discovered a technical or semantic error after the publication of the article, it is necessary to notify the editorial board as soon as possible.

14. Editorial board of the journal "Lomonosov Soil Science Journal" decides on the need to withdraw the article in cases of violations of editorial ethics: plagiarism is detected, publications of identical results in other journals are found, the article contains materials and data for the use of which permission has not been obtained, etc.